“Fisher King” was my first album project with Michael, and it is the first of what I hope will be many. I’ve never had such a joyful experience making a record. It felt like a return to what recording music was about when I was growing up and the studio was still a new and exciting world: a place for experimentation, creative freedom and the joy of chasing and capturing your ideas, but all coupled with Michael’s technical expertise, attention to detail and commitment to crafting a beautiful sound. I can’t wait to start the next album already.”

John Elliott – The Little Unsaid


“Recording with Michael was my first proper studio experience after home recording for a number of years, and not one tiny part of me regrets choosing to work with him. He has an unbelievable understanding of the way musicians work and a hell of a lot of patience. We were working slightly under pressure and despite that he was still very open to trying new things and more often than not managed to open my mind into looking at my material in a different way and largely as a result of that I am incredibly happy with the end product, if you want to record with someone who really knows what they’re doing and genuinely puts everything into music then I can’t recommend working with him enough.”

Christopher Marks – Lake Michigan


“Through working with Michael I was able to get some recordings that far exceeded my own expectations. His knowledge of studio technique is encyclopaedic and encouraged me to push the boundaries of what I was trying to achieve. He was polite, friendly and incredibly hard working throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone looking to do some great work and have fun.”

Ben Murphie