The Studio

Waratah Records is a recording studio based over three floors of a church steeple in Holloway, London.

The studio is designed with portability in mind to enable the ability to capture different rooms and to accommodate different projects. For example, making a record in a cottage in the countryside, record a grand piano, capture the sound of drums in an old warehouse, etc.

Services offered include: Preproduction, studio and remote recording, record production, mixing for music and film and audio editing.

Michael Griggs

I’m an Australian born, London based Producer / Engineer / Audio mixer who has been working in the music industry in one form or another for the past ten years.

I’ve learnt my craft from years of obsessive tinkering and recording with great producers and engineers including Jonathan Burnside (Melvins, Faith No More, Nirvana), Dean Tuza (The Rubens) and Graeme Stewart (Radiohead, Johnny Greenwood).

I enjoy making records with artists of all genres and styles, encouraging them to explore the vast musical landscape to reach their full potential. I like to help bring the most out of their songs using subtle layers of sound and perfecting arrangements to add presence, texture and depth.

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